Our Story: Connecting Executives with the Hidden Job Market

For nearly 20 years, Leaderboard served a single customer, Jackson Stevens Global (JSG), a 5-star-rated executive transition service that helps senior-level executives target and obtain jobs at $400k to $3M, the kinds of jobs that are rarely, if ever, advertised.

We provided JSG with a list of qualified, mostly unadvertised jobs sourced directly from top retained and contingent executive search firms. We produced, on average, 900 per month, which our experts determined would pay between $200k and $3M. JSG customers were able to penetrate a hidden job market that was unavailable through traditional advertisements or job boards.

The challenge was the list was produced monthly. If the perfect job for their customer came in a day later, it was a month old before they could apply. JSG wanted a weekly list, but we didn't have the resources.

Then, in 2023, AI entered the scene. JSG offered a significant investment to harness AI. Their goal was twofold: achieve a weekly list and increase the number of jobs. We achieved both.

Today, using our patent-pending technology, we can source 15 times the number of jobs, and we do it daily. Today, we source from any organization seeking an executive and offering a mid-six to seven-figure salary potential. We collect more than 10,000 jobs daily, and those with $200k to $3M potential are added to Leaderboard. Leaderboard is the only patent pending executive-level job identification system that targets and validates positions exclusively in the C-Suite, from the director level to the board.

Our values

At Executive Leaderboard, we are guided by these core values in everything we do.

Empower Professionals
Our mission is to maintain an honest, friendly business relationship with our customers. We want to maintain a 5 star rating with everyone we can and we strive to be transparent about everything we do.
Promote Diversity and Inclusion
We believe in promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace by providing equal access to job opportunities for all individuals.
Foster Career Growth
We foster career growth by providing access to resources, tools, and support to help professionals advance in their careers through our partner organization.
Deliver Exceptional Service
We are committed to delivering exceptional service to both job seekers and employers, ensuring a positive experience for all.
Build Strong Communities
We aim to build strong communities by connecting professionals and employers who share similar values and goals.
Drive Innovation
We drive innovation in the job market by constantly evolving our platform and services to meet the changing needs of professionals and employers.

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