Partner Services

Looking for a more white glove experience in your Executive job search?

Our partner organization, Jackson Stevens Global, has a team of dedicated industry experts who can tailor your approach to finding the perfect executive role.

Executive Search Connections
There are approximately 5.5 million professional recruiters on LinkedIn, but fewer than 8,000 have successfully placed executives in roles above $400,000, and less than a thousand have filled positions surpassing $1 million. Jackson Stevens collaborates exclusively with high-performing senior executives, facilitating connections between them and appropriate search firm leaders and consultants specializing in unadvertised leadership positions ranging from $400,000 to $2 million. With access to top Private Equity & Venture Capital Firms, they meticulously track, evaluate, and engage with approximately 650 firms and 9,000 recruiters proficient in placing candidates within this salary range. Transitioning candidates have received impressive responses ranging from 200 to 2,000 responses from executive search or private equity firms. Additionally, the organization facilitates connections between senior executives and over 6,000 principal owners and operators of private equity firms, catering to those interested in board opportunities or operating partner roles.
Interview Coaching
Jackson Stevens meticulously documented 84 pre-screen and 166 behavioral questions asked between the presentation of a candidate's resume and the final offer, highlighting the pivotal role of a candidates verbal communication during interviews. Despite senior executives' perceived proficiency in interview skills, the research uncovered a significant gap in their ability to effectively present themselves in interviews. The majority of an executive's interview time is spent by the company gathering enough information for decision-making. The standard interview process, typically lasting only 30 to 45 minutes, often results in information gaps. These gaps lead to suboptimal offers based on a misguided understanding of the candidates full skillset. Jackson Stevens aligns a candidates skillset to the needs of the company and stakeholders to ensure an interview that garners the company's trust in the candidates abilities.
Executive Resume Writing
Through their groundbreaking research, Jackson Stevens meticulously analyzed questions posed to senior-level executives across hundreds of executive placement events from resume presentation to offer, uncovering the 7 dimensions critical for successful placement, resulting in a remarkable 3X increase in placement success rates. Building upon this foundation, their ongoing research expanded the understanding of placement factors, identifying a total of 43 dimensions. Utilizing a 7-dimensional framework, Jackson Stevens has systematically reverse-engineered job descriptions, helping candidates to align their resumes to precisely match the role requirements.
LinkedIn Profile Optimization
LinkedIn actively promotes your activity, potentially exposing your networking efforts to a wide audience. While the platform aims to facilitate network expansion, it inadvertently broadcasts your connections to everyone in your network. For instance, when you connect with a recruiter, LinkedIn notifies your connections, potentially including your employees. Moreover, LinkedIn reveals various aspects of your activity, such as profile edits, group memberships, and endorsements, which can involve up to 84 settings that may inadvertently bring attention from your board and employees. To mitigate these risks, Jackson Stevens offers optimization services to tailor your LinkedIn settings to enhance your professional presence during a job search without compromising privacy or confidentiality.